Travel Nurse Bonus Programs

Travel Nurse Benefits

At Cirrus Medical Staffing, we want you rolling in the dough. That’s why we offer several lucrative bonus programs, giving our travel nurses multiple opportunities to receive bonuses throughout their career. Which bonuses are you eligible for?

Travel Nurse New Hire Bonus

Cirrus Medical Staffing offers a $500 sign-on bonus to our first-time travel nurses.

$250 will be paid upfront in your first paycheck, and then you’ll receive $250 when you finish your first assignment. Cha-ching!

Some of our open positions are eligible for a DOUBLE New Hire Bonus – that’s $1,000 cash in your pocket. Don’t miss out, apply for one of these positions today! Bonus applies to first-time travel RNs and previous Cirrus RN travelers who have not worked with us for over a year prior to the date they apply. Find out which assignments offer this bonus!

Travel Nurse Loyalty Bonus

A $500 loyalty completion bonus will be available for all extensions and renewals of assignments lasting six weeks or greater. Here’s how it works:

  • The loyalty completion bonus will be applicable on consecutive assignments completed with Cirrus Medical Staffing, separated by no more than thirty [30] days in-between assignments
  • The loyalty completion bonus will be payable on last paycheck
  • Eligibility: Contractually working a 36-hour work week
Travel Nurse Bonus

Travel Nurse Referral Bonus

We like working with people like you, so we offer a hefty $500 referral bonus when your RN referral completes at least a 6-week assignment.

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For more information about our travel nurse bonus programs, please contact one of our recruiters at 800.299.8132.