How to Become a Travel Nurse

And Other Travel Nurse FAQs

How To Become A Travel Nurse

The big question: How do you become a travel nurse?

How do I become a traveler for Cirrus Medical Staffing? To be considered for any of our travel nursing jobs, you will need to submit an application, a skill checklist and at least two references in our Traveler Portal. Once you’ve agreed to accept a position as a travel nurse, we will then verify your credentials and send you necessary paperwork regarding required documentation prior to starting an assignment. Drug tests and criminal background investigations are performed as well (at no cost to you).

What are the requirements to become a traveler for Cirrus Medical Staffing? To become a Cirrus traveling nurse, we require a degree from an accredited program (depending on your area of expertise) in the United States. Other travel nurse requirements include a minimum of one year of clinical experience in your specialty area. You will need to provide a valid practice license or certification, and proof of the right to work in the United States.

Am I under any obligation when I submit an application? Absolutely not. Your application is used to qualify you for traveling nurse assignments and to submit to hospitals ONLY if you authorize us to do so. Once your background is discussed with a Cirrus recruiter and your credentials are verified, you will have the opportunity to explore the available traveling nurse assignments that you’re interested in pursuing.

How do I prepare for an assignment? It’s always best to make preparations for an assignment as soon as possible. Your Cirrus recruiter will take you through the steps of preparation including providing valuable information regarding your destination. Each traveling nurse assignment may require specific ways to prepare and packing tips, so you are in safe hands with our guidance.

What fees am I required to pay? There are no fees that you will incur. The only fees possible are elective insurance options that you may choose to accept beyond the comprehensive, paid travel nurse insurance benefits that Cirrus how do you become a travel nurseMedical Staffing provides to all travelers who opt in.

Why choose Cirrus? Cirrus travelers are highly compensated, treated fairly, have recruiters that are accessible on a 24 x 7 basis for emergencies, offer one of the most highly desired paid insurance packages in the travel industry, and we work with each traveling nurse on an individual basis. At Cirrus, you aren’t a number. We recognize each traveler’s contribution to our organization and we often show our appreciation by remaining flexible to our traveler’s needs. We make it easy for you.

What is the compensation package and the frequency of pay? Each Cirrus client hospital has individually negotiated rates that vary depending on several factors (specialty, location, level of experience, and type of facility). Traveling nurse salary is typically dependent on your individual experience and requirements, coupled with the negotiated hospital rates. In some cases, facilities may offer bonuses for various reasons (sign-on, completion, quick start, etc.). Travelers may choose to have their pay check directly deposited into an account or receive their paychecks every week. We will clarify your compensation in a formal agreement known as your travel nurse contract well before you agree to accept an assignment.

8 week travel nursing assignments to 26 weeks, and everything in between:

How long do travel assignments last? As with most staffing services, our assignments usually require a 13 week commitment as a minimum; however, Cirrus Medical Staffing offers longer contracts, and we offer occasional short term assignments as well, averaging between four (4) to eight (8) weeks. You can find a travel nursing job in varying lengths so you’re comfortable with your commitment.

Will you have an assignment anywhere I want to go? We can’t guarantee that we’ll always have assignments where you want to go, but we are proactive in marketing your background to hospitals in the areas that you desire. In other words, if we don’t have a position in your desired location, we’ll market you to hospitals in the area you want to be to help you find the perfect job match.

How are interviews conducted? Travel nurse interviews are conducted by telephone. You need not travel to interview.

How do I find out about and qualify for license requirements in the state in which I accept an assignment? Your recruiter is knowledgeable on the specific requirements and the length of time necessary to obtain a license in the state you have chosen to take an assignment. In some states the procedure is lengthy, so advanced planning is needed. Nurses need to be informed of things like nursing compact states and other travel nurse license terminology.

What happens at the end of an assignment? Prior to completing your assignment, you and the facility may agree that you should stay for an extension, or perhaps you’ll be ready for another assignment in another exciting location. Optionally, you may choose to return home, perhaps to travel again at a later date. Regardless of your choice, your recruiter will inform you of all options before you make a decision.

Must I travel alone? No. Many of our professionals travel with family, pets, and friends. Some travelers team up and travel together. It’s a perfect way to experience different locations with others who are important to you.

What about housing? Cirrus Medical Staffing can arrange and pays for your PRIVATE travel nurse housing during your assignment. Our priority with housing is to secure a safe, comfortable location, followed by a close 8 week travel nursing assignmentsproximity of your worksite. If you work with our housing department, your apartment will be in move-in condition complete with furniture and utilities all pre-arranged for you. Alternatively, you may choose to select your own housing using our generous housing allowance.

How to become a travel nurse: Get started!

What do I need to do to get started? Search our travel nursing job board or simply complete our 1-minute application to hear from a recruiter. You may also call 800-299-8132 and speak with a recruiter directly.