Cirrus Ambassador program to reward and recognize our top referrers


No “points”, no gimmicks, just rewards for being a top referrer! Along with our $1,000 referral bonus, this is our way of recognizing the people who provide us consistent referrals who booked travel assignments with us.

Here’s what YOU can do this year to become a Cirrus Ambassador next year!

Don’t wait to start making your referrals that we can place in assignments they’ll love!

Refer a Friend

Congratulations to our 2019 Cirrus Ambassadors, Stacy Leonard and Sheri Walker!

Here’s why Stacy refers to Cirrus:

Stacy Leonard

“My recruiter is amazing – Ryan is so honest, so down to earth, and he is there for me come hell or high water. Even if my recruiter’s not in the office, I still feel taken care of – the whole team at Cirrus is looking out for me. I feel confident when I refer someone to the company because Cirrus has a really good reputation for honesty.”





Here’s why Sheri refers to Cirrus:

Sheri Walker

“I’ve been with Cirrus for four years, and have had so many other recruiters from different organizations try to recruit me during that time. But I just love what Cirrus does – from working with my recruiter, Lauren Vause, to everyone else on the Cirrus staff, I feel like a part of the family.

I got into travel nursing because I was burned out on hospital politics, and I felt a difference from day one of working with Lauren and Cirrus. I had so many questions, but Lauren never got frustrated, and took her time in answering my questions. The company stood up for me when I needed it, and has great people there – from credentialing to recruiters – Cirrus has a special touch and they care about their travelers.”


Our 2019 Cirrus Ambassadors will enjoy:

Cirrus Ambassador 2019 Perks


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*Bonus only eligible if referral completes minimum 6-week assignment, and has never worked with Cirrus before. This bonus amount does not apply to PTA, COTA, ORT, Med Lab Technician, and LPN referrals.