Joint Commission Requirements

Upon identifying a Travel Medical Professional, the following documents are initially verified and completed annually, unless otherwise required by the client.

Licensure Verification – Each Medical Professional is required to show proof of active licensure. Licenses undergo original source verification, and must be free of sanctions and disciplinary action.

References – All Medical Professionals must have a minimum of two clinical references.

Experience – All Medical Professionals undergo employment verification for recent employment, and for employment within the setting for which they’re assigned.

Completed Skills Checklist – All Medical Professionals must complete a detailed checklist regarding their skills and experience.

Drug Screening – All Cirrus Medical Professionals must pass a drug screen.

Criminal Background Check – A criminal background check covering the last 7 years is completed prior to starting an assignment.

Health Information/Documentation – All Medical Professionals must submit a completed physical examination form stating they are in good health and provide proof of immunizations and PPD.

Additionally, Cirrus Medical Staffing collects the following related documents and materials:

  • Client-specific requirements
  • Query of the HHS OIG exclusions database
  • Query of the GSA EPLS exclusions database
  • Query of the NSOPR
  • Current copy of certificate in CPR/BLS; ACLS; PALS; NRP; ENA, etc.
  • HIPAA Compliance- which consists of online documents
  • Signed acknowledgement of understanding of the Cirrus Medical Handbook of Policies and Procedures

Cirrus Medical Staffing’s Continued Compliance Policy ensures that ongoing employment requirements are maintained. Our Credentialing Specialists monitor expirations for the following credentials and generates monthly reports to identify expirations in advance of the expiration date. When employee credentials are updated, Cirrus Credentialing Specialists update the employee’s file and informs the client’s Account Manager, who informs the client. Currently, we monitor the following:

  • Annual Drug Screen
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Annual Physical
  • Annual Skills Checklist
  • Annual CEU
  • Annual PPD and any additional immunization updates
  • Active License in Good Standing
  • CPR/BLS etc Certificate renewal
  • Tentanus-diptheria immunization
  • Varicella titer or immunization
  • Employment verification

Cirrus Medical Staffing compares Client credential requirements and Cirrus Medical Staffing credential requirements- going with the highest standards

Cirrus Medical Staffing is certified by the Joint Commission. Cirrus Medical has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval ™ Certification recognizes Cirrus Medical Staffing’s dedication to providing nurses and other medical staff that are qualified to provide safe, high-quality care to patients.

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