10 Ways to Spend Your Cirrus $3K WOW Completion Bonus

Posted On September 24, 2018

The holidays are approaching, which means travel nurses and allied travelers are on the hunt for their next travel assignment, and facilities are opening positions in abundance with a high paying traveling nurse salary. Cirrus Medical Staffing has hundreds of assignments offering a $3,000 completion bonus on top of any other bonuses you may be eligible to receive (such as our $500 sign-on if you’ve never worked with us before).

travel nurses‘Tis the season to spend money on your loved ones or treat yourself – how would you spend a $3,000 completion bonus? Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning:

  1. Fly out your friends/family to visit you on assignment
    What’s more fun than coming to a new place and exploring it? Having your friends or family experience it with you. “Now I get it” is a typical response from a loved one when they see you in your element firsthand.
  2. Be someone’s “Secret Santa” this year
    Know a family having a hard time this year? You could be their personal “Secret Santa” and help them buy their children’s gifts so they still can wake up Christmas morning with a haul from Santa.
  3. Buy 2+ years of membership to CrossFit (or another nationwide gym)
    Three thousand big ones can buy a lot of months at the gym. It doesn’t have to be CrossFit, but there are many nationwide gym memberships that can follow you as you hop-scotch the U.S. Great way to get a head start on your new year’s resolution to keep your mind and body strong.
  4. Go relax on a beach somewhere for a week in style
    Maybe it’s a bungalow at a Sandal’s Resort in St. Lucia, or a condo on the Gulf Coast – take a break from your travel nursing job! Whatever your dream scenario is for vacation, $3,000 can probably get you there.
  5. Contribute to your retirement
    First and foremost, seek out a financial advisor if you’ve got retirement on your mind. They can help you determine what kind of retirement savings account to open, or how to contribute to your existing retirement funds. Regardless of whether you choose to save your bonus for retirement, don’t forget to take advantage of Cirrus’ 401k.
  6. Put it aside for a VIP housing experience on your next assignment (beach-front anyone?)
    Housing can get expensive, which sometimes means you downgrade your living situation so you take home more pay at the end of the day. If you’ve got a $3,000 bonus in the bank, you could allocate that money on your next assignment to a housing upgrade. Apartment in the heart of Manhattan or beachfront here you come!
  7. Make it your “visit home” fund
    As much as you might want to take a last-minute trip home when you need it, finances may prohibit you from getting there. Set aside your bonus as a “visit home” fund, and you can hop on a plane for a weekend at home!
  8. Save it for a rainy day
    Go the Dave Ramsey route and put this money in your emergency fund – travel nurses may have more unexpected events than the typical person because of all the moving around. Car trouble? No problem, you’ve got savings.
  9. Do something awesome in your current location
    travel nursing salaryWe’ll call this “fun money”. Bungee jumping, ski passes, weekend getaways, oh my!
  10. Put it where you need it
    Here’s a catchall – use this money to reach your goals, whatever they may be. You might be paying off student loans, putting a child through college, furthering your own education, or putting it toward a new vehicle. The best thing about receiving a cash bonus is that you decide how and where and if you spend it.


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Ready to make bank and go where you’re needed the most? Match with a $3K WOW job at Cirrus and you’re on your way to spending it (or saving it) however you please.


NOTE: Cirrus Medical Staffing is no longer offering jobs with a $3,000 Completion Bonus as of 12/31/18. Find out about other bonus programs and take advantage of them.