Granting Wishes for Children with Life-Threatening Illnesses Through Make-A-Wish®

Posted On March 15, 2016


The month of March is recognized nationally as “Child Life Month” – at Cirrus Medical Staffing, we take this as an opportunity to celebrate our own nurses, therapists and other allied professionals who make a difference in the lives of children across the country, as well as recognize our organization’s commitment to partner with Make-A-Wish® for children.

Since 2014, Cirrus Medical Staffing has been honored to fund and grant two delightful wishes for children in the communities where our employees live and work. Working together with internal employees and healthcare travel professionals, two children with life-threatening illnesses have gotten their wish – here are their stories, and how you can get involved.

Connor’s Story

When North Carolina native, Connor, was only 21-months-old, he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Many operations later, Connor is known for his brave and joyful spirit despite circumstances that most adults would have difficulty enduring. During one of his hospital stays, he was given a stuffed Mickey Mouse animal, who became

his certified “sidekick” from then on. When it came time to choose his wish at age 2 ½, Connor’s love for Mickey inspired his choice to go to Disney World with his entire family and meet Mr. Mouse himself. And on February 21-27, 2015, Connor had the time of his life, along with his parents and all four of his grandparents. His family will forever cherish the memories of “Breakfast with Mickey” and a week full of laughter and fun, with cancer feeling like a distant memory rather than a constant worry.

Cirrus donated $6,000 to the Central and Western North Carolina chapter, representing the full granting of a local wish.  In celebration of their support, Cirrus hosted a welcome home party for Connor, so the magic of his wish could continue even after he returned home.  In similar fashion, Cirrus made a second donation to the Southern Florida chapter (see Sophia’s story below), representing the impact made in both communities where employees live and work.

To read Connor’s full story and a letter from his dad about what his granted wish meant to their family, click here.

Sophia’s Story

At three-years-old, Sophia from Davie, FL, is battling a rhabdomyosarcoma(cancer). That doesn’t stop her from loving the beach and pool, playing with her friends and giving her family lots of hugs. Sophia loves Disney princesses (Tinkerbell and Cinderella being her favorite), so it came as no surprise that her heartfelt wish was to go to Disney World. On January 4-10, 2016, Sophia’s wish came true, and she spent the week visiting the castle and meeting her favorite princesses under the fireworks.

Upon her family’s return from Disney, Cirrus’ Ft. Lauderdale, FL, office held a “Welcome Home” party for Sophia and her family, where employees were able to get involved on a personal level with the cause they worked so hard to support.

These stories are just beginning

While granting two wishes the last 15 months is quite an accomplishment, Cirrus isn’t stopping there, and is constantly raising more funds to meet the goal of granting more wishes for children within its community. Cirrus’ partnership with Make-A-Wish® allows both its internal employees and clinicians working travelling nurse jobs a chance to humbly play a role in giving hope, and creating wonderful memories to wishers like Connor and Sophia.

Interested supporting this cause and granting the next wish? Click here to learn more.