CMS International Client Named Top Employer in Chicago

Posted On January 30, 2017

CMS International Client Named Top Employer in ChicagoWhen international Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are working with Cirrus Medical Staffing International to find a position in the United States, they’re working with the best. Not only that – they’ll be working for the best. Take MedPro Health Providers, for example, a CMS International client who was recently named #1 on the Chicago Tribune’s Top Employers: Small list.

As many clinicians in the Home Health sphere know, being known as a top employer in this setting is quite an accomplishment.

MedPro president and CEO Riz Villasenor takes a grounded approach to managing his company. He regularly cooks for his employees and hosts a weekly meeting to promote team solidarity that sets a precedence for internal culture. And what a culture it is!

Founded in 2009, MedPro makes an intentional effort to staff culturally diverse clinicians from around the world. Their rehab therapists and RNs provide homecare services to four counties (and counting, the company is growing) in the Chicago, IL, area. Since the company’s leadership team came from overseas themselves, they put forth a lot of effort to help international clinicians assimilate to the US.

With a company so focused on culture, it’s unsurprising that the interview process is integral to candidate selection. Not only are excellent clinical skills a must, but Villasenor seeks a very specific type of candidate: someone with strong verbal and communication skills (which he gleans from a professional Skype interview). These interviews are typically focused on the candidate’s character rather than being all clinical talk.

What else makes MedPro special?

They describe themselves as “family” and strive to have a friendly environment with open communication. Hence, the office kitchen’s location being strategically in the center of the floor – modeled after most kitchens being at the center of a home. Additionally, the office houses an informal daycare center where employees can bring their kids, evidencing MedPro’s family-centered approach to business.

“The value of what we do is anchored in the work of our people,” says Villasenor. “It’s about finding the right people and keeping them.”

CMS International continually provides MedPro with skilled PTs, OTs and RNs, sending these international clinicians to attain a true “American Dream”, where they will be surrounded by others who have been through the same transition.

Want to be the next international clinician to join MedPro’s team? Contact us to learn about the benefits of working with CMS International.