Cirrus grants another wish through Make-A-Wish® Foundation

Posted On August 15, 2016

Make A Wish Grant

Cirrus Medical Staffing does not only build lasting, supportive relationships with clients and candidates but, together with Make-A-Wish®, we also believe in making a difference in the lives of children across the country.

Grant was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder but this didn’t stop him from playing sports, riding bikes and jumping on a trampoline. Not only is he active, but also creative. Drawing and building Legos are some of his favorite pastimes.

The eleven-year-old boy shared his love for the world-famous magician and TV personality, David Copperfield. He has been longing to attend one of his shows and to meet him with his family and his younger brother, Reed. Make-A-Wish wanted Grant, and his family, to experience the time of their lives! They flew off to Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, on May 13 to 17.

The magic started as soon as they arrived. Las Vegas welcomed them with a beautiful sign and the coordinator was around to confirm their plans. First stop… the Copperfield show! After watching the legendary man on stage, they shared a moment with him. Ever since then, their love for magic grew more and they have become so into it.

During the wish trip, the family also got to watch Cirque du Soleil, went to see the deep blue world of Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandala Bay and took an enchanting ride up into the sky on the High Roller giant Ferris wheel. “It really did create some amazing memories for our family,” Laura, Grant’s mom, shares how blessed they truly are.

Their trip didn’t end there. After they returned, Cirrus Medical Staffing arranged a party for Grant and his family. Yes, you guessed it right – a magical themed party! Magic Barry, Carolina’s funniest family magician, was there to include more than just magic to the show. The boys were singing, dancing and laughing out loud at his jokes. Since Grant loves to read a lot, Cirrus thought it would be perfect to gift them a box of comic books. Now they have something to keep themselves busy and entertained all summer!

His parents were truly grateful. “As soon as we got home, Grant opened his magic sets and went off to start studying the tricks. Reed got right to work on building the Lego sets,” Laura says.

We at Cirrus Medical Staffing are honored to have been able to fund three life-changing wishes in the community.  If you’re interested in supporting this cause and granting the next wish, click here.