[INFOGRAPHIC] The Advantages of a Travel Medical Technologist or Medical Laboratory Technician

Posted On November 30, 2017

If you’re a Medical Technologist or Medical Laboratory Technician, you may have never thought about becoming a healthcare traveler before. Sure, nurses do travel assignments at hospitals all over the country, but there isn’t as much buzz around the growing demand for traveling medical technologist professionals and traveling medical laboratory technicians. Here’s the scoop!

Advancements in medical diagnostics is increasing the demand for laboratory workers, and this is only expected to increase over the next decade. With high demand comes low supply, and hospitals are struggling to keep up with the growing number of lab tests and diagnostics performed by medical technologists and medical laboratory technicians. That means they are opening more and more supplemental staffing positions, making travel a great option for someone in this field.

Bottom line: now is the perfect time to check out medical technologist travel jobs and medical laboratory technician travel assignments. If you’re looking for excitement in your career, an opportunity to travel, gain more experience, or you just want a break from hospital politics, then talk to one of our recruiters to learn more about traveling medical technologist salary, the benefits, and how we help you get from assignment to assignment seamlessly.

Infographic: The Advantages of a Traveling Medical Technologist