5 Travel Nursing Truths Other Staffing Companies Won’t Tell You

Posted On June 18, 2017

5 Travel Nursing Truths Other Staffing Companies Won’t Tell You

No doubt about it, travel nursing is FUN. It’s exciting, it stretches your limits, and it helps you grow as both a person and a professional. However, there are some “truths” about travel nursing that might surprise people who are new to the profession. That’s because there are a lot of big promises made by staffing companies, often going unfulfilled. At Cirrus, we operate in an environment of integrity and transparency, and so we’ve compiled our list of “travel nursing truths” in order to encourage you, but also to level with you.

  1. Recruiters will call you while you’re at work, sometimes during a really hectic day. Instead of getting angry and hanging up, schedule a better time to talk with them – don’t let an annoyance cause you to miss out on a great job opportunity!
  2. You can’t always get what you want. The more demands you have for a contract, the harder it is going to be to find your assignment. The more open you are, the more options you have, and the quicker you will land your next gig! You may have to settle for nights instead of days or Utah instead of Wyoming, but hey, it’s only three months, and next time you may land your dream assignment!
  3. Go to work, keep your head down and be the best nurse you can be. Your impact on your patients is what you are there for, so let all of the other hospital drama go right by you. You are a contractor, not a perm employee (woohoo, good-bye hospital politics!).
  4. Traveling is hard, being an RN is hard, life is hard. Your recruiter is there for moral support, but also remember that they are your employer: make sure you maintain a professional relationship and respect their personal time (they work hard and long hours for you, but they have families too).
  5. Nothing is free. If someone else is telling you that it is free, it just means they paid for that instead of something else.

If you want to work with recruiters who respect you enough to speak the truth, advocate for your interests, and are pretty fun to be around, give us a call today at 800-299-8132.