5 Reasons Why Every Week is Nurses Week for Travel Nurses

Posted On April 24, 2018

5 Reasons Why Every Week is Nurses Week for Travel NursesThe most exciting time of the year for every nurse is on its way! National Nurses Week is always special… everyone in the industry comes together to fill Nurses Week with lots of activities, dozens of thank you notes, gifts and freebies. But if you’re a travel nurse, then there’s always a new reason to celebrate, so here’s why every week seems like Nurses Week for travel nurses!

  1. Because giving and receiving gifts happens often.
    One of the best things about having a travel nursing job is making new friends and building relationships that can last a lifetime. You work with them, hang out with them, and some acquaintances can turn out to be your best friends. When the assignment is about to end, the exchange of farewell gifts begins! Personalized and DIY gifts are even more exciting and special.
  2. Because we feel the gratitude.
    A simple ‘thank you’ can make our day and travel nurse recruiters know how to express their gratitude all too well. Making travel nurses feel comfortable and happy is their goal. They treat you like a friend and make sure they are available whenever needed. Even if it’s just to check in, Cirrus recruiters know how to make you feel appreciated all year long.
  3. Because there are LOTS of benefits and bonuses.
    You get a bonus, we all get a bonus! Aside from health insurance on day one and free continuing education, travel nurses are privileged to be receiving bonuses for a lot of reasons… new hire, refer a friend, and loyalty are just a few of them. If you haven’t heard yet, Cirrus Medical Staffing has now selected travel assignments offering a $3,000 completion bonus which is on top of the $500 new hire or loyalty bonus. WOW, right!?
  4. Because we don’t have to wait for a special occasion to go on a vacation.
    Having some time off to go somewhere exciting as a nurse can be next to impossible, but for travel nurses…it happens every 13 weeks! You get to be a tourist while on duty and hop around different facilities, restaurants, beaches and mountains. Your flip flops and sunglasses are always ready for an adventure.
  5. Because you get a chance to become a Brand Ambassador.
    Did you know, by referring friends to Cirrus, you stand a chance to be the Cirrus Ambassador for 2019? Since you’re sharing the gift of travel with friends you refer, Cirrus thought it would only be fair to send gifts (every month) to the Cirrus Ambassador as a reward. Not to mention the $1,000 referral bonuses and a vacation package! Meet our 2018 Cirrus Ambassador.