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Cirrus Medical Staffing is an award-winning, Joint Commission Certified healthcare staffing firm. For more than a decade, we have been connecting nursing professionals with leading healthcare facilities across the nation, placing the industry’s top travel nurses into a wide variety of travel and contract positions. We pride ourselves on the personalized attention we give to our travel nurses. It is one of the many reasons why, again in 2012, Cirrus Medical Staffing has been ranked one of the Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies by the benchmark travel nursing blog, Highway Hypodermics®.1

Travel Nursing Supplements Your Organization’s Nursing Needs

The demand for qualified nursing personnel has increased dramatically over the past few years. Retiring “Baby Boomers,” increasing life-spans, and an aging population that requires more care are factors that have put tremendous pressure on the nation’s healthcare providers and their ability to service patients. Nursing education programs, however, are unable to keep up with the demand. In addition, many RNs are reaching retirement age. It’s no wonder that healthcare organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to find enough experienced, top-quality RNs to fill their full-time staffing needs.

Many organizations are turning to travel nurses as an effective means of supplementing their nurse staffing needs. In fact, according to a recent healthcare cost study by KPMG, a nationally recognized audit, tax, and advisory services firm, hospital survey respondents indicated that a nursing staff made up of 90% FTE and 10% temporary nurses was considered ideal. The study also found that the average “all-in” cost (including benefits, insurance, paid time off, orientation, training, etc.)  of employing a full-time, direct-care hospital nurse was approximately $98,000 per year, a cost that is comparible to employing a travel nurse ²

Why Choose Cirrus Medical Staffing as Your Travel Nurse Resource?

At Cirrus Medical Staffing, we understand the importance of patient care. We partner with our clients to provide the personalized attention they need, and ensure the best-qualified travel nurses for the roles their patients need. We work efficiently and effectively to find travel nurse candidates with both the professional and personal skill sets to fit an organization’s specific requirements and timeframe.

Cirrus Medical Staffing offers its clients:

•  Highly qualified, flexible RNs that fit the organization’s key roles

•  Individualized customer focus with a central point of contact for all customer service needs

•  Nationwide nurse staffing coverage

•  An experienced, tenured healthcare recruitment team that finds the right candidates quickly

•  Scalable staffing solutions to fit the largest  facilities or the smallest requirements

•  100% Joint Commission Compliant — certified since 2005

•  Comprehensive reporting for all  administrative requirements

•  A 24-hour employer hotline for around-the-clock, immediate attention

¹Source: Highway Hypodermics® Travel Nursing Blog, February 2012, ²Source: KPMG 2011 US Hospital Nursing Labor Cost Study

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Craig Matijow, Recruitment Manager for Cirrus's Rehab Therapy division started with Cirrus in September of 2006 and has 7 years of overall medical staffing experience. Prior to joining Cirrus Craig specialized in home health RN recruitment and pharmacy placement. More About Craig »

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