Travel Nurse Testimonials

Cirrus Medical Staffing understands that providing the best support to our Travel Nurses enables us to deliver superior results to our clients. See what our traveler’s say about us:

“I am so pleased and pleasantly surprised with Cirrus’ ability to compete with the “big guys” while providing that proverbial “family-like,” small business service, and employee-first paradigm. My recruiter along with my HR, Housing, and credentialing specialists are incredible. Having traveled for nine years, Cirrus has been the most impressive travel firm by far.” – Matthew E., Missouri


“The grass isn’t greener – I immediately came back to Cirrus. It’s the best company that I’ve ever worked for!!” – Kelly Anne F., Virginia


“As I have said many times over the past two years, it is a pleasure to work for and represent Cirrus. Working for you has given me a freedom to travel, earn more money and still enjoy the career that I so love. Thanks for allowing me that privilege! ” – Sharon F., North Carolina


“I have been with Cirrus for over two years and never cease to be amazed at how well I’m treated. It’s like being part of a family.” – Liz S., District of Columbia


“My husband and I have traveled for more than five years. Cirrus is by far the best agency we have worked with. As Cirrus has grown, it has not forgotten some of the most important benefits and they keep getting better. With Cirrus, we have enjoyed the best housing and best pay we have received as travelers. We’re proud to say we are a part of Cirrus Medical Staffing.” – Dottie A., Louisiana


“So . . . My first travel experience can be summed up in one word . . . PERFECT!” – Laura J., Florida


“I am impressed with the comprehensive prescreening process and the background/experience of the travelers provided by Cirrus.” – Suzan K., Washington


“Cirrus provides exceptional customer service and responds to our needs timely.” – Pam D., North Carolina


“Cirrus responds to issues immediately and does not hesitate to do what is right.” – Paige B., Texas


“I have always been pleased with Cirrus’ response to my needs and questions. My recruiter has been great. My interactions with administrative personnel and housing have always been pleasant. They are both an asset to Cirrus. They are always prompt, courteous, and respectful. I appreciate the efforts Cirrus makes to meet my needs.” – Greg V., Wisconsin


“I have been with Cirrus for more than a year. It has been a great pleasure and experience to work with such professional, caring people. Last June was my first attempt at being a traveling nurse, and I was slightly nervous. My recruiter called while I was on the road to be sure I was ok, eased my fears of walking into a place I was unsure of, and was there for me when I needed him.” – Allyn K., Illinois


I’ve worked for Cirrus for more than three years and couldn’t be any happier. The people are the best. The recruiters keep you informed of new openings regularly. I’ve spoken with mine on nights, and weekends, and he’s available to help me when I need him. Cirrus works with you on a personal level. The benefits fit my family needs well and the private housing is on the upper scale. However, the organization’s honesty is biggest reason I work for Cirrus.” – Allyson H., Alabama


“Having worked with several Cirrus recruiters, I’ve concluded that they are excellent in what they do. They care about accommodating the traveler’s needs. I’ve had a great experience with Cirrus and have made many new friends along the way.” – Suzanne H., Virginia


“Being a part of the Cirrus Medical Staffing travel team is more than just a job for a company. It’s being part of a family. No other company I have seen cares as much for its travelers as Cirrus does. It’s good to have someone there who you know is working as hard for you as you are working for them.” – Rene M., Oklahoma

“My recruiter is Awesome!! Cirrus is the only company I will work for.” – Tom S., Texas


“I would rather work for Cirrus than any other company. Cirrus is flexible enough to meet my needs and provides me with great personalized service. I recommend Cirrus to anyone who asks me about traveling.” – Susan L., Arkansas

“Cirrus has been the best company I’ve worked for. Being a good company isn’t about one thing but an accumulation of multiple good things. In my opinion, Cirrus has exceeded all expectations of a good company.” – Kevin G., Tennessee


“Cirrus has integrity, support, and a true concern for its travelers. There are larger companies, but quality is not always ‘quantity’ – it’s choosing Cirrus if you want to work for the best. Day or night, they are there for you. I have found my travel family!” – Martha B., South Carolina


“I’ve heard all good regarding Cirrus all from the Delphi forums website. I’m very satisfied with my housing arrangements and pay – both are above average. – Vince B., South Dakota

“I have tried several travel nurse companies and Cirrus is by far the BEST!” – Minnie F., Michigan

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