Benefits of Temporary Healthcare Staffing Solutions

There are a wide variety of reasons that hospitals and other healthcare organizations are turning to the use of Cirrus Medical Staffing traveling medical professionals. These professionals help healthcare facility executives deal with the therapy and nursing shortage without depleting local pools, they enhance information sharing by offering new perspectives and contribute to staff morale by adding energy to departments that need the additional help.

These professionals provide continuity of patient care by contracting long enough to learn your standards of healthcare delivery instead of showing up for a day or two. In addition, they provide healthcare facility executives with the flexibility to staff toward census patterns without sacrificing valued full time employees.

The scenario is ideal, but the cost? Studies show that the cost of using these traveling medical professionals are on target after factoring in full-time employee pay, overtime pay, retention costs, closed beds, insurance, sick time and vacation time. So if this type of clinical augmentation matches your business plan, you can’t afford to use just any firm. You need a dependable provider with a reputation for performance, fair business practices and a solid understanding of your needs.

CIRRUS MEDICAL STAFFING is a Joint Commission Certified Healthcare Staffing Firm.  

Cirrus connects traveling Therapy and Nursing professionals to healthcare facilities throughout the entire United States. Our “partnering” approach to business, combined with an exceptional pool of clinical talent, enables us to master a great deal of flexibility for our client facilities. For our clients, the Cirrus experience is liberating because our clients are able to do business the way they prefer, opposed to the provider calling their shots.


  • Thousands of Therapy and Nursing Professionals (nationally and internationally) are accessible within our proprietary database.
  • Certified Healthcare Staffing Firm by The Joint Commission / High satisfaction rate among our many client facilities (including completeness/timeliness of profiles/paperwork as well as turnaround/response time)
  • Exceptional reputation for service, quality clinicians and meeting above standard insurance requirements for our clients
  • Our recruiting team has years of experience with healthcare screening/hiring practices and our leadership is well seasoned with industry experience
  • Chief Clinical Officer (RN, BSN, MPA)
  • Accuracy in communication (24 x 7)
  • Variety of therapists and clinicians to fill your specific needs
  • Rapid Response Program / International Program


We are deliberate and meticulous with our screening processes. We do not entertain potential candidates who cannot meet our screening requirements. With the delivery of each candidate for you to consider, you will receive a detailed work chronology, clinical references by clinical managers, and a skill checklist specific to your need. Cirrus skill checklists are quantified through years of experience and NOT a self assessment; thus, providing more validated clinical information related to skill level prior to consenting to an interview.

With Each Travel Healthcare Professional Hired, Cirrus Provides:

Complete Joint Commission required medical information, verification of current state licenses/certifications/social security number, criminal background checks, drug test results, clearing of various offender databases, clinical references, employment chronology, skill checklist and other specific documents that each client facility may require. In addition, we provide the H1-B or Green cards for international employees.

For more information on our services, please call 800.299.8132

Recruiter Photo

Angela Carringer Senior Recruiter Nursing Division, started her career in the Medical Recruitment Industry in 2004. Angela joined Cirrus Medical Staffing in October 2010. Prior to her career in healthcare staffing, Angela had experience working in an acute hospital setting and was an NA II and Phlebotomist, for more than 3 years. This real world experience has helped her to understand the RN role, and the responsibilities and challenges in the hospital setting that nurses face daily. More About Angella »

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Cirrus Medical Staffing - Traveler Benefits Cirrus Medical Staffing - Traveler Benefits

Traveler Benefits

  • Sign-On and Referral Bonuses Available for Qualified Candidates
  • Day One Healthcare Insurance!
  • Paid Time Off!
  • Unique Destinations!
  • Great Pay!
  • Loyalty Bonuses
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