Occupational Therapist Credentialing

Each state has unique Occupational Therapist licensing requirements. 

To help you figure out what credentialing and licensing you need for your OT travel therapy job assignment, Cirrus Medical Staffing has a team ready to help you with any of your Occupational Therapy credentialing needs!  You can also call us directly at 1-800-299-8132 and just reference that you are looking for free occupational therapist credentialing help.

View the website for the National Board of Occupational Therapy

OT licensing boards for all 50 states

Cirrus Medical Staffing is dedicated to helping you find the perfect travel therapy job that fits your wants and needs! Not only will we help you on your career path, but we will make it as stress free as possible along the way by helping you navigate state physical therapist credentialing! Please take advantage of our professional credentialing team and find out what they can do for you today!

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Angela Carringer Senior Recruiter Nursing Division, started her career in the Medical Recruitment Industry in 2004. Angela joined Cirrus Medical Staffing in October 2010. Prior to her career in healthcare staffing, Angela had experience working in an acute hospital setting and was an NA II and Phlebotomist, for more than 3 years. This real world experience has helped her to understand the RN role, and the responsibilities and challenges in the hospital setting that nurses face daily. More About Angella »

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